July 15, 2014

Perennial Cereals

Jamie Larsen (Crop Geneticist/Breeder with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) provides his own vision for sustainable agriculture in the face of climate change and other challenges. In Jamie’s words, “The connection with my program (especially perennial cereals) is more tied to the future, so there is the connection of learning about and understanding the past and looking forward to the future, including embracing technology and the potential (and beauty) of expressed genetic variation.”

“If we are talking about resilient cities, then we are talking about resilient agriculture.”

The Lethbridge Agricultural Research Station was established in 1906 in a ideal location to address issues related to sustainable crop production systems under dry land and irrigated conditions, environmental issues associated with a semi-arid climate, and beef production systems. The centre also leads research in the development of bioindustrial platforms, particularly for triticale, and biocontrol.