The Field Notes Collective is a collective of art professionals and scientists working in the Southern Alberta area who are bound by a shared set of social, environmental and cultural concerns. The mandate of the Collective is to foster dialogue and action through the staging of cross-disciplinary events, engaging with matters of local and regional interest.

In 2014, the Musagetes Foundation challenged our group to consider what the term resilient meant in relation to our collective, our art and science practices, and to ourselves as citizens of our small southern Alberta city, Lethbridge.

Understanding our history, our environment and influences on our daily lives seemed to be a good starting point. One of the first things we agreed on was that our city included more than just what we found within the physical boundaries. Our water – and the threats to the water system – was something that very few of us understood. And how about our trees and shrubs – where did they come from, and who had the foresight to plant them? What kind of geology did our city sit on?

This site presents the first few investigations we undertook into understanding our city, and the resiliency that it represents. Please browse our past events to view the videos.  I’m looking forward to the next steps, and how our collective considers their own contributions.

Leanne Elias,
Lethbridge, Alberta
February, 2015